2018-2019 Teacher Reflections and Comments


“I really enjoyed watching my students engage in interactive activities that promote math and science. The activities apply to topics of STEM to real world careers and situations. Many of which my students aren’t exposed to. Awesome!” (Ms. Schwizer, John Kerr Elementary)

“STARBASE provides students the opportunity to develop important 21st century skills necessary to become successful citizens, such as collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.”

“STARBASE gives me a very different perspective of my students’ abilities and interests. My students get to work with peers they may not normally work with, and they build connections with them.” (Ms. Conaboy, Virginia Avenue Elementary)

“The STARBASE program in Winchester never disappoints! We have been fortunate to attend for several years. The students become knowledgeable, practice teamwork, began thinking about their futures, and have fun!”

“My students were kept in suspense with excitement of all the wonderful, engaging activities that awaited them each day and enthusiastically loved the cross-curricular STEM lessons.” (Ms. Roach, Garland Quarles Elementary)

“STARBASE gives my students the hands on opportunities that I can’t provide at school that help solidify learning.” (Ms. Kuhn, Sandy Hook Elementary)

“STARBASE provides my students with hands on experiences and resources that I do not have the time and financial backing to provide to them.”

“STARBASE has been an engaging and inspiring experience! Together, we solved challenges, strengthened our team, and began engineering our futures.” (Ms. Violetta, DG Cooley Elementary)

“STARBASE has been a fabulous adventure filled with STEM lessons that coincide with our specific standards. Students get to have fun while being challenged all week long.” (Ms. Swogger, Virginia Avenue Elementary)

“My students love the hands on activities. Being able to learn by doing increases engagement and understanding.” (Ms. Ashby, DG Cooley Elementary)

“This year STARBASE helped me get to know my students and better know their strengths and weaknesses. It reinforced 4th and 5th grade SOLs.” (Ms. Ludwig, Sandy Hook Elementary)

“STARBASE provides such a valuable chance for students to get away from the normal school environment and to apply and extend learning into exciting real-world applications.” (Ms. Stock, Frederick Douglass Elementary)

“STARBASE showed me some good activities I can try to incorporate in the future and reference back to when teaching this year to make good connections.” (Ms. Mulder, Sandy Hook Elementary)

“My students are able to get many more hands on activities and experiences than they have access to. I also like how students are pushed in their thinking.” (Ms. McDonald, Garland Quarles Elementary)