2021 - 2022 Teacher Reflections and Comments

“The hands-on, engaging lessons help students build background, create connections and encourages imagination and problem solving.” – David Marker, 5th grade teacher, Greenwood Mill Elementary
“Attending STARBASE has helped our class as a whole by providing an engaging opportunity to use STEM activities to excite and inspire students’ learning and professions.” -Tori Violette, 5th grade teacher, Armel Elementary
“STARBASE is a wonderful way to reinforce concepts that are taught in the classroom through meaningful and interactive activities.” -Melissa Palacios, 5th grade teacher, Armel Elementary
“STARBASE helps give students new and beneficial experiences that will help them be successful later in life.” – Diana Roche, 4th grade teacher, Virginia Avenue Charlotte DeHart Elementary
“I felt nostalgic actually since I attended STARBASE as a student! Being on the teacher side has opened my eyes to the importance of using more technology/engineering materials in my lessons!” -Lydia DeFazio, 4th grade teacher, John Kerr Elementary
“STARBASE provides my students with learning opportunities that I never could! It’s a once in an educational lifetime experience.” – Emily Shafer, 4th grade teacher, John Kerr Elementary
“STARBASE gives students a chance to see, do, and experience things they would never be able to do in the regular classroom. Always the best week of the school year!” Amy Stock, 4th grade teacher, Frederick Douglass Elementary
“The students gain a better understanding of how math/science operate in the real world, and I have experiences to draw from, to expand on, and to use during lessons.” -5th grade teacher, Redbud Run Elementary
“In my opinion I would say STARBASE benefits my students by reinforcing, teaching and promoting STEM careers while also providing students with relevant skills and knowledge to be successful in the real-world.” -5th grade teacher, Redbud Run Elementary
“Students and myself love attending STARBASE. They get excited about Science and Math and learn key ideas from our 5th grade standards.” -Sarah McHenry, 5th grade teacher, Redbud Run Elementary